Knit Experiments is an ongoing series of bold and colourful knitwear samples. With a focus on pictorial and playful motifs this series moves away from small repetitive pattern repeats.

It‘s all about colour, shape and material!


Straw. Comission for Kunstkollektivet 8B, Denmark. Using two different yarns of local mohair wool to create a transparent and playful garment. Plant dyed with straw from the neighbours field. Denmark, 04.2020.


Three. Creating a pattern with three colours, where every colour forms the shapes and no background is visible. The pattern plays with shapes going over and under. Special rib and sleeve construction. Dead stock cotton.  Hamburg, 08.2019.


In The Mood. Sweater made out of jacquard knitting fabric. Six different colour shades are formed using checkered shapes of turquoise, ochre and petrol. Italian merinowool. Hamburg, 01.2019.