Knit Experiments is an ongoing series of bold and colourful knitwear samples. With a focus on pictorial and playful motifs this series moves away from small repetitive pattern repeats.

It‘s all about colour, shape and material!


Cord. Series of hand-dyed i-cord samples. Local wool and recycled cotton. 260 x 320 mm. Denmark, 04.2020.


Pile. Series of four hand-dyed knitsamples using the technique pile knitting. Local mohair and recycled cottonn. 260 x 320mm. Denmark, 04.2020.


In The Mood. Series of 47 knit samples in different sizes. Combining common knitting techniques with intarsia, short rows and embroidery. Knitting material with varying thickness to create optic and haptic contrasts. Reusing leftovers, unravelled yarn or flea market finds. Ideally use up every last piece. Hamburg, 04.2019.