Transforming exciting knit samples into larger surfaces is a challenge. Sometimes techniques are too complicated or time comsuminge to be knitted in a larger piece but sometimes ideas gain something new and even more exciting when they need to be modfied to become large.



Knit Grid. Series of blankets in various sizes.  The pattern is created by linking colourful i-cords on a domestic knitting machine. The i-cords are knitted with leftover yarn, changing the colour when a balls ends - the stripes appear randomly affected by the size of each blanket. Hamburg, 09.2019.


In The Mood. Three pictorial fabrics. Knitted on a computercontrolled knitting machine. Six different colour shades are formed using checkered

shapes of turquoise, ochre and petrol. Italian merinowool.  Hamburg, 01.2019.


Move Nature Inside. A day at the lake, divided and filtered out. Reproduced in 15 different colour nuances. Ribs and grooves building horizontal and vertical stripes. An abstract memory of the scenery. Fanø, 01.2016.