New projects often begin with a series of handmade paper collages that capture moods as well as colours and shapes. The analogous cutting results in irregular shapes, which are set in relation to each other by overlays and negative forms.

Not touching. Series of 16 collages, 148 x 210 mm. Denmark, 03.2020. 
These Collages are transformed into a postcard wallcalendar afterwards. At the end of every month the motif can be cut off and send away as an art postcard. Printed on paper made from 90 % bamboo fibre and 10 % cotton rag.

Making paper collages.  Anna Husemann.
Paper collages.  Anna Husemann.
Handpainted papers for collaging.  Anna Husemann.
Wallcalendar.  Anna Husemann.
Wallcalendar.  Anna Husemann.
Abstract shapes.  Anna Husemann.

Rainbow Planner. An undated calendar and notebook filled with colourful abstract hand cut shapes that you can discover 
every week. These shapes change their colour on every page so that the planner looks like a rainbow. Hamburg, 2020.

Rainbow planner.  Anna Husemann.
Undated planner.  Anna Husemann.
Rainbow pages. Anna Husemann.
Undated rainbow planner.  Anna Husemann.

In The Mood. Series of 45 paper collages using hand-painted paper. Matching the colour concept seasons. Inspired by natural shapes and sceneries. Mostly created on the spot. 210 x 297 mm. Hamburg and Mallorca, 04-08.2018.

Cutting collages on the spot.  Anna Husemann.
Paper collages detail.  Anna Husemann.
Paper collages detail.  Anna Husemann.