Hand dyed knit headband – colourful, unique and ecofriendly


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Ecofriendly knit headband made out of hand-dyed local fibres. Manufactured in Hamburg.

Add more colour to your day with this ecofriendly hand-dyed knit hat. It is handmade in my studio in Hamburg: knitted on a domestic knitting machine and finished by hand.

The motifs are made with the knitting technique intarsia which creates irregular and spontanious pattern in a  handmanipulated process.  

Material: 100 % virgin wool

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Virgin wool from german sheep, spun in Germany.
All materials are carefully sourced and wellthought. Using a yarn that is made entirely in Germany from german sheep is unique and makes the hat sustainable and ecofriendly. It ensures not only fair working condition and short delivery routes but also and most important that while sourcing the raw material animals are treated well.

Size: Onesize, Unisex

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The headband has a twist which creates a modern silhouette.  

Colourway: yellow/orange

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The yarn is produced in undyed natural colourways, so all colours are hand-dyed in the studio. The combination of hand-dyed and undyed wool creates a subtle play of colors that underlines the naturalness of the materials.

Feature: fully fashioned

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All hats are knitted fully fashioned so there is no waste. To avoid overproduction it's made to order. Therefore the production can take up to one week.  
All products are wrapped and shipped using no plastic at all.